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of your own volition

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishof your own volitionof your own volitionformal if you do something of your own volition, you do it because you want to, not because you are forced to Helena left the company of her own volition. volition
Examples from the Corpus
of your own volitionNote that it is not possible to apply for a family assistance order; the court must act of its own volition.There are tales of clanking chains and doors which open and close of their own volition.Deena left the company of her own volition.One gentleman has fled the country of his own volition, using yet another identity.In the end Frank and I met of our own volition.But not of his own volition.The court does not, of its own volition, enquire into the merits of the case.Very well; sometimes society changes for the good purely of its own volition.Either you go down there of your own volition or I strangle you with my two bare hands.
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