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off-keyˌoff-ˈkey adjective  1 APMmusic that is off-key sounds unpleasant because it is played slightly above or below the correct pitchin tune The band sounded slightly off-key.2 wrong or not suitable for the situation The jokes during the violent action scenes seemed off-key.off-key adverb Someone upstairs was singing off-key.
Examples from the Corpus
off-keyThe lead singer was completely off-key.Alexia whistled this time, off-key.He didn't have a good voice but he was never off-key.Haden sounded just a little off-key about the whole affair.The woman laughed but in a strangled, off-key kind of way and it struck me that she might be insane.I skipped through the neighborhood, singing off-key songs.The recorder came in with an adagio-like slowness and gravity, momentarily wobbled off-key, then recovered.
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