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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-puttingˈoff-ˌputting adjective British English  UNPLEASANTif someone’s behaviour or the appearance of something is off-putting, you do not like it or you think it is unattractive Some women found the competitive style of the discussions off-putting.off-puttingly adverb put somebody/something off at put
Examples from the Corpus
off-puttingApparently he found use of the sleeve very off-putting.Sometimes I cycled in from Bourn, but the eight miles all uphill on the return was a bit off-putting.They had gnomes in the garden, which was even more off-putting.While not exactly threatening, her demeanour was hard and off-putting.Yet this is not the cold, off-putting abstraction which arouses incomprehension in the ordinary spectator.She remembered her own off-putting attitude the day after it had happened.The resultant disturbances of the water and the movement is very off-putting to herons and cats.
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