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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-seasonˈoff-seaˌson noun   the off-seasonoff-season adjective, adverb Take advantage of our special off-season fares.
Examples from the Corpus
off-seasonI hope Brian Billick is having a rotten off-season...Prices for its 311 rooms range from $ 259 in the off-season to $ 710 for suites with a view in season.It may reduce in hours and often the tasks to be done change, but it continues in the off-season.This generates traffic in the off-season.The priority for Gruden heading into the off-season was to try to keep together the core of his team.Petersburg the final weeks of the off-season to be with his father.And Strudwick intends to take full advantage by bringing in some tough Aussies during their off-season.
From Longman Business Dictionaryoff seasonˌoff ˈseason [singular]COMMERCETRAVEL the time of year when there is not as much business as usual, and when prices are usually lower, especially in the TOURIST industryIn the off season, you do not need to make a reservation. season
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