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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoff-the-wallˌoff-the-ˈwall adjective informal  STRANGEvery strange or unusual, often in an amusing way an off-the-wall concept
Examples from the Corpus
off-the-wallBarkley was known for his sometimes outrageous and often off-the-wall commentary.No idea was too off-the-wall, no scheme too madcap.Extra effects provide various industrial and ambient noises, along with off-the-wall sounds which work well in contemporary rhythmic contexts.
off the walloff the wallinformal very strange or unusual, often in an amusing way Some of Krista’s ideas are a little off the wall. wall
Examples from the Corpus
off the wallThe noise of conversation from the hall below bounced off the walls around them.Before I could grasp what was happening, I had bounced off the wall and was crumpling on to the floor in pain.I jumped down off the wall and joined my sister who was standing behind them listening.A Whitney Houston tape echoed off the walls.There's a woman just up the road so I hop off the wall and run after her.The husband tried to seize a portrait of her, an oil painting, rip it right off the wall.
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