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offalof‧fal /ˈɒfəl $ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-/ noun [uncountable] British English  HBADFthe inside parts of an animal, for example the heart, liver, and kidneys used as food
Examples from the Corpus
offalThe first week he vomited daily from the stench of the feces and offal and rotting meat.Every part of an animal is used: chicken's feet, fish eyes, offal and fat are great delicacies.They sometimes got incredibly bold in the competition for the fish offal.In the mid 1850s the market place was unpaved and manure, offal and dung were often thrown into the square.The city has flowered upon its own offal.He would have time to stow away the kohlrabi, the offal and the edenwort.Of the offal which could be bought off-ration and disguised as food.The highest proportion of cholesterol is found in egg yolk, offal, shellfish, red meat, butter and cream.
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