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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoffendedof‧fend‧ed /əˈfendɪd/ adjective  someone who is offended is angry and upset by someone’s behaviour or remarksfeel/look/sound offended Stella was beginning to feel a little offended. I knew that Piers would be deeply offended. I get very offended when he talks to me like that. radio listeners who are easily offended
Examples from the Corpus
offendedSome people may find rude jokes funny, but others may be deeply offended.Call it ensuring that people's feelings were not offended.This offended blacks and caused the removal of the 1993 Super Bowl to another state.He's always offended by jokes aimed at Irish people.The offended divinity gave not a thought to whether the youth had purposely insulted her or had come there in all innocence.She'll be offended if you don't say thank you for her help.An offended look crossed their eyes.Those who go quiet and coy even when offended need to work on this.The question mark at the end requires a response, helping the offended party to fulfil their scriptural obligation to forgive.He felt offended that she didn't want to go out with him.easily offendedIt was said that these teenagers were easily offended.
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