2 noun
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offer2 S2 W1 [countable]
1 a statement saying that you are willing to do something for someone or give them something
offer of help/support/friendship etc
Thank you for your offer of help.
The company withdrew their offer of employment.
Have you had any job offers?
accept/take up an offer (=say yes to an offer)
She accepted their offer of rent-free accommodation.
turn down/refuse/decline an offer (=say no to an offer)
I can't turn down the offer of a free trip to Milan!
offer to do something
His offer to resign will be accepted.
2 an amount of money that you are willing to pay for something:
Will you accept their offer?
make (somebody) an offer (for/on something) (=offer a particular amount of money for something)
Within 20 minutes they were prepared to make us an offer.
The company made an offer of $5 million for the site.
a generous/good offer
'I'll be interested if Newcastle make me a good offer,' said the 25-year-old striker.
be open to offers (=be ready to consider people's offers and lower your original price)
We're asking £2500, but we're open to offers.
3BBT a reduction of the price of something in a shop for a short time [↪ discount]:
All special offers advertised in this brochure are subject to availability.
offer on
There's a free offer on orders over £45.
To take advantage of this offer (=buy something at the reduced price), complete the attached forms.

on offer

a) BB available to be bought, chosen, or used:
Activities on offer include sailing, rowing, and canoeing.
I was impressed with the designs on offer.
b) British EnglishBBT for sale for a short time at a cheaper price than usual:
Lean minced beef is on offer this week.

under offer

British English if a house that is for sale is under offer, someone has offered to buy it for a particular price

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