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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoffhandoff‧hand1 /ˌɒfˈhænd◂ $ ˌɒːf-/ adjective  1 DON'T CARE British English not very friendly towards someone when you are talking to them She said you were a bit offhand with her this afternoon. an offhand tone of voice2 said or done without thinking or planning an offhand remarkoffhandedly adverboffhandedness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
offhandThere is sometimes a stage in the tone 2 are where the patient begins to be offhand and flippant.Bowie himself seems curiously offhand in his solos, but ready and voluble with the verbals.I didn't like his offhand manner.The offhand mention of the first marriage somehow stops Britell dead in his tracks.Particularly when you consider some of his offhand remarks in the latest interview.What did the inconvenience of an offhand reply really matter?She greeted him with a pot of coffee and a brisk, slightly mocking, offhand smile.The store manager was rather offhand with us at first.
offhandoffhand2 adverb  THINK ABOUTimmediately, without time to think about it or find out about something I can’t remember offhand where the file is.
Examples from the Corpus
offhandI can't think offhand of anyone who'd be able to help you.
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