Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin officium 'service, duty, office', from opus 'work' + facere 'to do'


Related topics: Offices, Officials
of‧fice S1 W1


[countable]BBO a building that belongs to a company or organization, with rooms where people can work at desks:
The department occupies an office just a mile from the White House.
main/head office (=the most important office)
The head office is in Edinburgh.
Did you go to the office (=the office where you work) today?
at the office
Have a nice day at the office.
local/regional office
The agency has a network of regional offices.
office staff/workers/equipment etc
Office staff need well-designed desks and chairs.
the increased demand for office space


[countable]BBO a room where someone has a desk and works, on their own or with other people:
the manager's office
Sorry, Ann's not in her office right now.
Dan shares an office with Lisa.

office hours

a) the time between about 9:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the afternoon, when people in offices are working:
Can you phone again during office hours?
b) American English the time during the day or week when students can meet with their teacher in the teacher's office:
Professor Lee's office hours are from 2 to 4 on Mondays and Thursdays.


[uncountable and countable]PGO an important job or position with power, especially in government:
the office of President
in office
She was celebrating ten years in office.
A provisional military government took office (=started in an important job or position).
hold office (=have a particular important job or position)
Trujillo held office as finance minister.
a five year term of office (=period of time working in an important job)


PGO used in the names of some government departments:
the Foreign Office
the Office of the District Attorney

place for information

[countable]DLTT a room or building where people go to ask for information, buy tickets etc
information/ticket etc office
the tourist office
Is there a lost property office?
box office, post office, registry office


[countable] American English the place where a doctor or dentist examines or treats people [= surgery British English]

somebody's good offices/the good offices of somebody

formal help given by someone who has authority or can influence people
I managed to obtain a visa through the good offices of a friend in the Service.
WORD FOCUS: doctor WORD FOCUS: doctor
similar words: physician especially AmE, GP British English, consultant, registrar

a doctor who does operations: surgeon

a doctor who treats mental illnesses: psychiatrist, psychotherapist, shrink informal

a doctor who treats people's teeth: dentist, orthodontist

a doctor who treats animals: vet, veterinarian especially AmE

someone who is training to be a doctor: medical student, intern American English

the place where you go to see your doctor: surgery British English, office American English

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