2 adjective
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official2 S3 W2
1PGO approved of or done by someone in authority, especially the government:
an official investigation into the causes of the explosion
the official policy on education
official statistics about illegal drug use
You will have to get official permission first.
Finally the letter of appointment came, making it all official.
2BB relating to or done as part of an important job or position
an official visit/engagement etc
The President was leaving for a four-day official tour of Mexico.
the Queen's performance of official duties
They dined in an official capacity with other European leaders.
the Lord Mayor's official residence
3 an official explanation, account etc is one that is given formally and publicly, but may not be true:
Many doubted the official version of events.
The official line (=what is said publicly by people in authority) was that the troops were there to protect the King.
4PGO chosen to represent someone or an organization, or do something for them:
the company's official logo
the official representative from the American administration
5 an official event is a formal, public event:
The official opening of the institute was in May.

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