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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoffingoff‧ing /ˈɒfɪŋ $ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-/ noun   be in the offing
Examples from the Corpus
offingThus, a second green revolution may be in the offing hereby big energy production increases, but the energy-poor still starve.However, if a stalemate occurs, then new elections would seem to be in the offing.But the queues continue - symbolising a gathering flight from money amid constant rumours that a currency reform is in the offing.A crisis, however, was in the offing.Other changes were in the offing.Husbands were home; family gatherings were in the offing.In the offing, with a probable start date of 1992, are three INRs or Independent National Radio stations.
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