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offlineoff‧line /ˌɒfˈlaɪn◂ $ ˌɒːf-/ adverb  1 TDwith your computer not connected to the Internet opp online I work offline most of the day.2 TDif computer equipment is offline, it is not directly connected to the computer opp online The printer was offline all morning.offline adjective offline storage
Examples from the Corpus
offlineThe software allows you to read and write email messages offlineTheir interaction with it is limited to: Requesting that all the modules in a package are sent offline.Many such objects are quickly generated, and copies may be held offline, as security backups, microfiche, etc.Check module is offline by initiating a restore of the module from the offline media.In the second case, ask the manager of the package to offline the package on your behalf.The first to offline the Primary copy and the second to offline the Secondary copy.If one or more modules are offline, you will need to repeat this call when all modules are available online.
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