Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: oile, from Latin oleum 'olive oil', from Greek elaia 'olive'


1 noun
oil1 S3 W2


[uncountable]TPGTI a smooth thick liquid that is used to make machines run easily or is burned to produce heat:
Check the oil level in your car every week.
The heating system runs on oil.

natural substance under the ground

[uncountable]TPGTI the thick, dark liquid from under the ground from which petrol is produced [↪ crude]:
a rise in the price of oil
oil industry/company/production etc
the importance of protecting our oil supplies
an oil refinery (=factory where oil is made purer)

liquid from plants

[uncountable and countable]DFCDCB a smooth, thick liquid made from plants or some animals, used especially in cooking or for making beauty products:
cooking oil
coconut oil shampoo
Fish oils are supposed to help relieve arthritis.
castor oil, cod-liver oil, linseed oil



[plural]AVP paints that contain oil [= oil paints]
I usually paint in oils (=using oils).

➔ burn the midnight oil

at burn1 (20)

; ➔ pour oil on troubled waters

at pour (8)

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