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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoilclothoil‧cloth /ˈɔɪlklɒθ $ -klɒːθ/ noun [uncountable]  DHTIMspecial cloth that has had oil put on it so that it has a smooth surface and water cannot go through it oilskin
Examples from the Corpus
oilclothLooking down, she saw an oilcloth suit and rough hands.He spread an oilcloth on the table then laid the big cutting board on top of it.Quickly, before she could undo the decision, Kathy stowed her tackle box and oilcloth.A round table covered in cracked oilcloth stood bare of bowls, jugs, cups and saucers.A slick green oilcloth of mold was rotting the wood beneath.The airline bag went into the back of it, covered with a square of oilcloth.The telly faded, the shoddy oilcloth vanished, the beautiful sunshine we were missing was forgotten.I felt about on the oilcloth that covered the kitchen table.
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