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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoiledoiled /ɔɪld/ adjective  covered with a layer of oil Place the sausages on an oiled baking tray. well-oiled
Examples from the Corpus
oiledFacilities will include an intensive care unit and an oiled bird cleaning facility.Jean-Paul looked down at his own oiled body, then spat on to his palm for added lubrication.Drizzle caramel from the end of a fork into irregular shapes on to lightly oiled foil.an oiled frying panHis dark limbs gleamed like oiled gold beneath the faded bermudas and T-shirt.Shackled to an oar, she strained in a galley as an oiled mountain of flesh beat a huge drum.There were indeed, among the chaos of boxes and bags of gold, several bottles and packages in oiled paper.Smooth as oiled silk, his skin excited her delicate touch.Sinews bunched and moved under his skin like oiled spaghetti.
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