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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoilsoils[plural]AVP paints that contain oil syn oil paintsin oils I usually paint in oils (=using oils). oil
Examples from the Corpus
in oilsI consider myself a cartoonist in oils.Mostly I paint in oils.The ambitious show includes paintings in oils and acrylics, and monotypes on paper.It's absurd, these days, like submitting a portrait in oils with your passport application.The first is a formal portrait in oils by Thomas King, completed sometime be-tween October 1765 and March 1766.Oddly enough, however, ethanol is also soluble in oils and fats.The copal was heat treated to make it soluble in oils and solvents.This full-size version in oils was done by Leonardo's assistants in his studio around 1510.She works in oils and, among other things, paints about a dozen portraits a year, charging £400 upwards.
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