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oilskinoil‧skin /ˈɔɪl-skɪn/ noun  1 [uncountable]DCC special cloth that has had oil put on it so that it has a smooth surface and water cannot go through itoilskin coat/jacket/trousers etc2 oilskins3 [countable] a coat made of oilskin oilcloth
Examples from the Corpus
oilskinShe took her oilskin from the hook on the back door, buttoned herself into it and stepped out, still undetected.He moved forward reluctantly but instead of entering the forecabin, lay down on the cabin roof still dressed in his oilskins.He'd just remembered he had a couple of toffees in his oilskin coat pocket.A wave came aboard when I was on watch with the hood of my oilskin unwisely left down.The sweaters hung beneath the open hatch, the sink was empty and the oilskins stowed away.Instead, a man at the door ordered him to settle up for the oilskins.The oilskins grew clammy and soggy on the inside from our condensing sweat.At the bottom of the companionway she struggled out of the wet oilskins and dropped them on the floor in a heap.oilskin coat/jacket/trousers etcHe'd just remembered he had a couple of toffees in his oilskin coat pocket.As she left the cabin she took one of the oilskin jackets out the hanging locker.
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