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old age

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishold ageˌold ˈage ●●○ noun [uncountable]  OLD/NOT YOUNGthe part of your life when you are oldmiddle age You need to start putting money away for your old age.in (somebody’s) old age My mother had a very lively mind, even in her old age.
Examples from the Corpus
old ageWe have old age pensions; but they are not sufficient.Meat did not have a place in the diet, except in old age.Coping with life in old age without drink may require an entirely new and improved self-image.The inequality in life chances has therefore intentionally been reinforced in old age.This indicates that drinking is often a response to an inability to cope with the many losses of old age.Researchers have, very largely, identified loneliness as a problem of old age.She's a little forgetful, but that comes with old age.in (somebody’s) old ageShe looked rather as the Duchess of Windsor did in distracted old age.It became streaked with white only in his extreme old age.Children also took care of their parents in old age.Without state pensions, many elderly people would be deprived of access to any substantial financial resources in their old age.Desperate for more sons to provide for them in their old age, they kept trying.Vladek in old age has lost the resilient bounce, if not the courage and obstinacy of his youth.Sumner was a tall, strikingly handsome man with dark hair and a beard which turned white in old age.
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