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old fool/bastard/bat etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishold fool/bastard/bat etcold fool/bastard/bat etcspoken not politeDON'T LIKE used to talk very rudely about someone you do not likethe stupid old cow old
Examples from the Corpus
old fool/bastard/bat etcHe was no more to her, he thought, than a tiresome old man, an old fool.Look there that old fool Broom, slipped off to sleep.An old fool if you like.Am I to be troubled by a skinny old fool in mirror shades?The old bats included a plastic, an aluminum and a wooden one.She thought what an undecided old fool Phoebe was, but it made her outburst at the Frolic all the more courageous.But then the old fool should have been a little less unwashed and boring.
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