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old money

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishold moneyˈold ˌmoney noun [uncountable]  people who come from families that have had a lot of money for a long time, which gives them a high social position He invited both the smart set and Perth’s old money.
Examples from the Corpus
old moneyWe witnessed Florida new and old money giving a new meaning to dressing up.Everywhere in public life, old families, old money and titles have been in decline, while business has advanced.Most members of the Cleveland Country Club come from old money.What fosters the Terrells' sizable contributions to public life is money, old money and vast money.The preferred drug of old money, and, by extension, of the nouveau mob.He believes that old money is better than new money.That pleased the smart set, but secretly the old money decided it was a bit tacky.
From Longman Business Dictionaryold moneyˌold ˈmoney money belonging to families that have been rich for a very long time, also used to talk about the families themselvesthe traditional architectural styles associated with old money money
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