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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisholeole /əʊl $ oʊl/ adjective [only before noun] written  SLOLD/NOT YOUNGused to represent the way some people say ‘old’ my ole man
Examples from the Corpus
oleYer know that our ole boxin' Club's gone down the drain since those new geezers took over.It replaces two ole cast iron systems and will significantly increase production.I ent doin' no fancy theatricals with ole corny thorny.Winter's no good fer the ole folk.How's my ole friend Billy?Carrie's ole man used ter work there.Tepilit ole Saibol, I have a heavy burden.Your man, Saibol ole Saitoti, is linking this incident to Mademoiselle Cohn-Casson.Look at poor ole Solly Green who sells the papers at the top o' Page Street.
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