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olfactoryol‧fac‧to‧ry /ɒlˈfæktəri $ ɑːl-, oʊl-/ adjective [only before noun] technical  COHBconnected with the sense of smell the olfactory cells in the nose
Examples from the Corpus
olfactorySimilarly, the plasma membrane of olfactory cells seems to have an InsP 3 -sensitive calcium channel.The olfactory hypothesis has not been confirmed either.The temporal responsiveness of insect olfactory organs is truly remarkable.The forked tongue is linked to olfactory organs.The entire region is an olfactory overload of pungent fruit.Like many other mammals, bats are also particularly well endowed with olfactory receivers and transmitters.What olfactory sense is logic endowed with that it sniffs out and runs to ground the hidden nature of things?Frustrated female appetites are consoled with olfactory stimulation: bananas, strawberries, raspberries in the soap or bath oil.
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