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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishomeno‧men /ˈəʊmən $ ˈoʊ-/ noun [countable]  a sign of what will happen in the future The car won’t start. Do you think it’s an omen?a good/bad/ill omen The mist seemed like a bad omen and Sara’s heart sank a little.omen of He will regard your presence as an omen of good fortune.omen for It’s a good omen for the future.
Examples from the Corpus
omenMight that be an omen of sorts for the brave new telecommunications world to come?Perhaps an omen of things to come.It was an omen, but Margo and Duke plunged in.George thought the car breaking down on the way to his wedding was a bad omen.Several times they started to build a city, but they were always driven away by misfortunes or bad omens."Maybe this is a good omen, " said Jill, seeing a blue sky for the first time in weeks.Oshagatsu is all about establishing good omens for the coming year.Do you think the rain is some kind of omen?On the face of it, the omens are good.The augur's skill didn't consist in luck with the omens, but in reading them right.a good/bad/ill omenThe storm was over and he regarded that as a good omen.It seemed to be a good omen.In Celtic countries it was always considered a good omen if one of these cats decided to settle in the home.The seamen consider these cries a bad omen.He could not determine whether this was a good or a bad omen.The juice landed on the floor like a red bubbly snake, a bad omen suddenly materializing out of thin air.That was O.K. Perhaps it was a good omen.It was a bad omen for the R & B world.
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