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omit to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishomit to do somethingomit to do somethingformalNOT DO something to not do something, either because you forgot or because you deliberately didn’t do itomit to mention/say/tell etc Oliver omitted to mention that he was married. omit
Examples from the Corpus
omit to mention/say/tell etcThe priest at Storrington had omitted to say.There's one of those towns marked with an asterisk that you omitted to mention.It omitted to mention how much of its ever-increasing charges it contributed to WaterAid.I'd er - omitted to tell Jack of the arrangement.My diary records the incident in a tone of self-righteousness, omitting to mention my feeling of incompetence.Why then omit to mention Walter?What your informers may have omitted to tell you was that he indeed came to our opening.
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