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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishomnipresentom‧ni‧pres‧ent /ˌɒmnɪˈprezənt◂ $ ˌɑːm-/ adjective formal  EVERYWHEREpresent everywhere at all timesomnipresence noun [uncountable] the omnipresence of God
Examples from the Corpus
omnipresentPortraits of monarchs, warriors and saints, as well as representations of famous battles, have suddenly become omnipresent.Then, of course, as they are dreams, that sense that nothing exists directly behind you either is omnipresent.Special attention was given to the omnipresent Aaron Spelling.There was gorse as well and of course the omnipresent bilberries.The omnipresent cul-de-sac, for example, lowered speeds but not enough for child safety, especially on the long straight legs.The omnipresent mountain cliffs gave way suddenly, and I could see a dry valley widen diagonally to the road and sand.On the third morning, she slipped in the omnipresent mud and sprained an ankle.Police were virtually omnipresent on the city streets.Persistent, pervasive, and omnipresent, romance novels are everywhere.
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