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on a ... front

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon a ... fronton a ... frontSUBJECTin a particular area of activityon the economic/political etc front On the technical front, there have been a number of important developments. Excellent teamwork from our staff has brought improvement on all fronts.on the domestic/international front On the domestic front, de Gaulle’s priority was to secure his government’s authority.on a wide/broad/limited front Schemes of this kind enjoyed success only on a limited front. front
Examples from the Corpus
on a ... frontOn the Home Front, women's tasks were diverse and often physically taxing.On this second front he goes beyond Parsons by expanding the opportunities of scholars with variant theoretical perspectives.The pressure exerted on that front foot when it is brought down in the bowling action is something like 10 times the bodyweight.Nor could he be left alone anymore in the late afternoons when he insisted on watering the front lawn.The switch can be mounted on the front panel and will show when the unit is powered-up.The next day in the Tribune, there was my picture on the front page.She lined up the sights on her rifle on its empty front foot and fired twice.The Goldmans conceivably could benefit from the video on several fronts.
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