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on/about your person

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon/about your personon/about your personformalHIDE/NOT SHOW if you have something on or about your person, you have it in your pockets or attached to you Customs officers found a gun concealed about his person. person
Examples from the Corpus
on/about your personHer long blonde hair tumbled artistically about her person.At the time he died he was carrying the bomb on his person.His favourite weapons are a.357 Desert Eagle, which he always carries on his person, and a Franchi Spas shotgun.Don't worry, he's not about to escape with film concealed about his person.Away to the police surgeon to be probed for invisible cells hidden about her person.I distributed them properly about my person, and put on my hat.We healed them with our doctor's hands and placed them about our person.
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