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on and off

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon and offon and off (also off and on)REGULAR for short periods but not regularly over a long period of time He’s been smoking for ten years now, on and off. on
Examples from the Corpus
on and offIt rained off and on for the whole afternoon.A large blue diamond was flashing on and off.After she had left the office, Wyatt sat and listened to the ventilator go on and off.After studying accountancy at Chicago University, he worked on and off as an investment analyst.My husband has suffered from heartburn on and off for years and has recently been diagnosed as having a hiatus hernia.With the other type switch on and off is non-automatic.Then we went for a walk, with him continually flying on and off my shoulder.There are thousands of tax-paying jobs generated on and off the reservation.The spokeswoman says Disney has 50 to 70 toll-free numbers, which it turns on and off to coincide with special promotions.
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