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on/at the periphery (of something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon/at the periphery (of something)on/at the periphery (of something) formalOUT/OUTSIDEa person or thing that is on the periphery of something is not one of the main people or things involved in it extremists on the periphery of the animal rights movement Homeopathy is on the periphery of medical practice. periphery
Examples from the Corpus
on/at the periphery (of something)That's always a very easy thing to do on the periphery.He had never met Hindley Foster, some one who seemed very much on the periphery of their lives.Now she was standing at the periphery of the crowd, wondering whether Cantor would even open the envelope she was clutching.They may stay on the periphery watching the recess-time basketball games and jump-rope competitions from the sidelines of the playground.Moss moved on the broken trees at the periphery of the golf grass.Ken's friendships and the way he established them continued to surprise those who were on the periphery of his activities.
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