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on behalf of somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon behalf of somebodyon behalf of somebody (also in behalf of somebody American English) a) REPRESENTinstead of someone, or as their representative She asked the doctor to speak to her parents on her behalf. On behalf of everyone here, may I wish you a very happy retirement. b) BECAUSEbecause of or for someone Oh, don’t go to any trouble on my behalf. behalf
Examples from the Corpus
on behalf of somebodyIt was an old skill, employed in times past to protect herself and now honorably exercised on behalf of another.With Ickes lobbying furiously on behalf of the Bureau, how-ever, the full Congress refused to go along.The court struck down limits on expenditures by candidates themselves, or those made independently on behalf of candidates.A class-action lawsuit on behalf of the men and their survivors was settled in 1974.A trader placed bets in the markets on behalf of Salomon Brothers.The latter speak out on behalf of the poor, women, our fellow creatures and the environment.Mildred Pierce slaves on behalf of her child, and the ungrateful kid ends up seducing her husband!
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