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on board

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon boardon boarda) TTWTTAon a ship, plane, or spacecraft syn aboard There are 12 children on board the ship. b) involved with something or working for an organization Supporters of the treaty say that it will be necessary to have the United States on board. He came on board in the late sixties and spent two decades with the agency. board
Examples from the Corpus
on boardA light plane with four people on board crashed last night.
on-boardˈon-board adjective [only before noun]  carried on a ship, plane, car etc an on-board computer
Examples from the Corpus
on-boardManufactured by Austin House, these little gizmos are designed to help adjust on-board air pressure to the eardrums.It also serves as an on-board computer to monitor a variety of automotive functions.An on-board computer would constantly monitor approaching obstacles.In the seat pocket was a route guide that listed on-board entertainment and points of interest along the way.The cells will drive electric motors and use on-board hydrogen gas as fuel.Here the Doctor uses the on-board laboratory to make a non-functioning facsimile of the Tarranium Core.Working on a tight budget, we opted for more on-board memory at the expense of a large capacity harddisk.The promised on-board processing did not exist, however.