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on display

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon displayon displayAVSHOW/LET somebody SEE something a) something that is on display is in a public place where people can look at it syn on show Mapplethorpe’s photographs were first put on display in New York.be/go on display One of the world’s oldest cars has gone on display in Brighton today. b) if a quality, feeling, or skill is on display, it is very clear and easy to notice The musical talent on display is extremely impressive. display
Examples from the Corpus
be/go on displayThere's a tremendous amount of creativity on display in this school.It went on display at the Palace Armoury in Valetta, being refurbished again in 1961.They go on display here for two months beginning Aug. 27.Seven centuries of manuscripts, fine bindings and beautifully illustrated books, will be on display.Weightlifting, as it will be on display in Atlanta, combines strength, explosiveness and technique.At the same time, just down the street, Loomas' baskets and masks will go on display at City Hall.Benner's works will be on display through Feb. 15 at the Berman Gallery.Sometimes his collection of gnomes would be on display, and every anniversary was commemorated by faded buff photographs and artefacts.
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