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on sale

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon saleon salea) BBTCHEAPavailable to be bought in a shop A wide range of postcards and other souvenirs are on sale in the visitors’ centre. Stephen King’s new novel will go on sale (=will begin to be sold) next week. b) especially American EnglishCHEAP available to be bought at a lower price than usual These gloves were on sale for only $9. sale
Examples from the Corpus
go on saleThe revamped car will cost £40,268 when it goes on sale next January.As the new version of Navigator goes on sale Friday, Netscape is facing the toughest competition of its young life.It should go on sale at around £7,000 to challenge the likes of the Renault Clio.They go on sale next month.San Francisco has been the hottest seller since single-game tickets went on sale.The terms of reference for the phone concessions were to go on sale Monday.
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