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on second thoughts

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon second thoughtson second thoughtsBritish English, on second thought American English spokenCHANGE YOUR MIND used to say that you have changed your mind about something I’ll call her tomorrow – no, on second thought, I’ll try now. second
Examples from the Corpus
on second thoughtsHe was decisive and never wasted time on second thoughts.No, on second thoughts, I wasn't sulking.But perhaps, on second thoughts, it wasn't so strange: Luke was special, unique.William Oh-right-on second thoughts maybe it wasn't that bad.Then, on second thoughts, she opened the lid just the tiniest fraction so that the creature could breathe.In fact, on second thoughts, would it not be far more sensible to invite Emilia to come to Cambridge?You eventually work out that if ... on second thoughts, you can solve it yourself!
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