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on the flat

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the flaton the flatBritish EnglishFLAT on ground that is level and does not slope flat
Examples from the Corpus
on the flatWe follow a number of faint tracks that disappear on the flat and run into barriers of scrub brush and trees.A standby compass is mounted on the flat windscreens' central pillar.Skipper worked nicely on the flat, so John built us a six inch cross pole to trot over.He rubbed his eyes and gazed out on the flat green countryside below.Miles per gallon Then, on a long haul, it wouldn't go up hill or overtake on the flat.Several of these graptolites are preserved on the flat bedding surfaces of a black shale.Through the strips of waving screen he could see sunset in the palmettos, sunset on the flat sand.The moon was shining brightly on the great stones, and between them, on the flat ground, lay the girl.
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