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on the go

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the goon the goinformal a) if you have something on the go, you have started it and are busy doing it Even with three top films on the go, Michelle is reluctant to talk about herself. He has at least two other projects on the go. b) very busy doing a lot of things Children are always on the go. go
Examples from the Corpus
on the goMy kids keep me always on the go.We were always on the go.I've been on the go all day.She is constantly on the go, running around, pushing other kids, throwing toys.I have three or four on the go at once.Some of these blokes have eight or nine houses on the go.Room temperature exerted a powerful influence on the going rate of any timekeeper.Here's the lowdown on these tasty treats: Wraps are the ideal meal for people on the go.Make a point of always having more than one project on the go.