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on the hoof

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the hoofon the hoofBritish EnglishTIME/AT THE SAME TIME if you do something on the hoof, you do it quickly while doing something else at the same time hoof
Examples from the Corpus
on the hoofDiana, an unwilling international media celebrity, was having to learn on the hoof.Changes were being made on the hoof, and no records were being kept of what was being done and by whom.As sure as I have tusks, this is ontology on the hoof.It was one of those glorious moments when a politician is forced to make up policy on the hoof.Much of the beef from the United States in fact arrived in cattle ships on the hoof.Farmers wishing to sell finished stock on the hoof contact the company's field staff who video the animals intended for sale.
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