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on the job

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the jobon the joba) WORK/DO WORKwhile you are doing a particular job Most clerical training is done on the job. b) WORK/DO WORKdoing a particular job We’ve got some of our best people on the job. c) British English spoken informalSEX/HAVE SEX WITH having sex job
Examples from the Corpus
on the jobon-the-job trainingWhen they go on sick leave, their aggregate take-home pay is actually higher than when they are on the job.She would concentrate on the job in hand instead, and get it done as quickly and cleanly as possible.However, he also concentrated on the job in hand, sending Dodgy Dancer ahead well inside the final furlong.Today's my first day on the job.I put in the day on the job, which I like, and I go home at night.He was making posters after hours on the job and sending them to the Socialist Workers Party.If any employee is sinking on the job, you need to respond in a businesslike way.Why else would they take on the job?They were on the job, see, your mum and Stephen's dad.
on-the-jobˈon-the-job adjective, adverb [only before noun]  while working, or at workin-service, in-house on-the-job training
Examples from the Corpus
on-the-jobon-the-job training
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