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on the march

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the marchon the marcha) PMAan army that is on the march is marching somewhere b) POPULARa belief, idea etc that is on the march is becoming stronger and more popular Fascism is on the march again in some parts of Europe. march
Examples from the Corpus
on the marchImports were valued at £5,516m last month, down by over £100m on the March figure.He shot 3-for-9 and then resumed his ongoing discourse on the march to the playoffs.Perhaps Louis was also stung by the threatened negation of his own youthful exploits on the March.The board adopted its own measure, which will go on the March ballot in opposition to the Kuper initiative.Fascism is on the march again in some parts of Europe.Of all these horsemen, not a tenth, not even a twentieth eat meat on the march.Well of course we protested and went on the March for Life and Peace, which was turned back by the military.By this time the Confederates had formed into columns and were on the march back to Corinth, Mississippi.Certainly my migraines were on the march, I missed two shows in the six-month run.
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