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on the margin(s)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the margin(s)on the margin(s)OUT/OUTSIDEa person on the margins of a situation or group has very little power, importance, or influence syn on the fringes unemployed youths living on the margins of society margin
Examples from the Corpus
on the margin(s)At each period new houses and streets have been added on the margins of the built-up area.The Loughborough research shows that librarians don't have to feel apologetic about being on the margins of school action.Competition on the margin forces organizations shed their skins, time and again.Since many exist on the margins of their environments, small changes may create big problems for them.Many mentally ill people have been forced to live on the margins of society.In all, more than three out of five older women were living in or on the margins of poverty.The Bill provides a little extra competition and regulation on the margin, but it does not fundamentally transform the regime.Natural selection, which normally works on the margins, suddenly alters the core of the system.You get feedback written on the margins on your page or typed on a separate piece of paper.
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