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on the market

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the marketon the marketBBTSELLavailable for people to buy The manufacturers say the device will be on the market by May. Handguns are freely available on the open market (=for anyone to buy). They knew it wasn’t a good time to sell their house, but they still put it on the market (=offered it for sale). a revolutionary new drug that has just come onto the marketDon’t say ‘in the market’. Say on the market. market
Examples from the Corpus
come onto the marketOther products from abroad are coming on to the market, but the Didcot meeting agreed that there is scope for improvement.Cheaper memory, faster processors, and larger storage devices, come on to the market with increasing rapidity.When the Angelfish first came on to the market, it was an aggressive fish which showed its intolerance towards other tank mates.When something of that kind comes on to the market it creates a storm.Such a restriction on land coming on to the market is irrelevant, but nostalgic.Even though hundreds of accountants might be interested in corporate finance, the few opportunities coming on to the market are heavily fought for.More and more rackets come on to the market as technology moves on.
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