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on the off chance

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the off chanceon the off chanceHOPEif you do something on the off chance, you do it hoping for a particular result, although you know it is not likely I didn’t really expect her to be at home. I just called on the off chance. off-chance chance
Examples from the Corpus
on the off chanceMuch effort went into tracing remote family connections abroad on the off chance of identifying a benefactor.I keep all of my old clothes on the off chance that they might come back into fashion.I asked him on the off chance.She thought of ringing him on the off chance of catching him at the flat, but shelved the possibility as unlikely.
on the off-chanceon the off-chanceCHANCE/BY CHANCEif you do something on the off-chance that something will happen, you do it hoping that it will happen although it is unlikely I just came to see you on the off-chance that Pippa might be here. off-chance
Examples from the Corpus
on the off-chanceI called on the off-chance that Patty might be home.There was no time to contact him, so I came on the off-chance.I just came on the off-chance.It was a long way to drive on the off-chance that something would come of it.The card is too expensive on the off-chance I could get in an away game during the season.I walked over to the wardrobe and opened the door just on the off-chance.I rang Otto on the off-chance.
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