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on the payroll

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the payrollon the payrollif someone is on the payroll of a company, they are employed by that company The company now has 350 people on the payroll. payroll
Examples from the Corpus
on the payrollBefore going outside your organization look around to see whether there is anyone already on the payroll who could do the job.Burns will be on the payroll until January 31.There are no employees with serious disabilities on the payroll either, though with regard to that issue also they are open-minded.And he defended eight of the 14 people listed as ghost employees on the payroll of then-Rep.All those taxes and regulations force small business to keep nonproductive employees on the payroll.Levies on the payroll will not have that effect.To save money, many companies are putting their secretaries on the payroll of temporary personnel companies.He asked Karloff, who was on the payroll for another three days, if he would do it.The tax authorities insisted they put the women on the payroll.
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