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on the quiet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the quieton the quietBritish English informalSECRET secretly We found out he’d been doing some freelance work on the quiet. quiet
Examples from the Corpus
on the quietHis doctor has told him he mustn't drink, but he still has the occasional brandy on the quiet.You and I felt welcome, shrouded in the warm dark, confident on the quiet block.He swills it down at times; of course, on the quiet, after Great-gran's safely tucked up in bed.A visiting dignitary on the quiet lonely street.It is best therefore to err on the quiet side and to use percussion sparingly rather than to excess.Outside, snow is falling on the quiet street, and everything has turned white.A little further on the quiet was broken by the rumble of a truck.He used to flirt with the two girls, on the quiet, when his wife wasn't looking.The dead man had been renting the house on the quiet estate for 18 months.There are almost no signs of Tarkmania on the quiet, flat, dust-blown campus.
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