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on the rebound

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the reboundon the rebounda) RELATIONSHIPsomeone who is on the rebound is upset or confused because their romantic relationship has just ended He first met me when I was on the rebound, after splitting up with Mark. b) DSa ball that is on the rebound has just hit something and is moving back through the air I caught the ball on the rebound. c) something that is on the rebound is starting to increase or improve again The market seems to be on the rebound. rebound
Examples from the Corpus
on the reboundAnderson scored the sixth goal on the rebound.You've heard of love on the rebound, and falling for Fen could prove to be even more disastrous.Eadie pounced on the rebound and the tie was thus enlivened.John Travolta's acting career was on the rebound with "Look Who's Talking."We met when I was on the rebound from a very messy affair.You could say it was on the rebound but I had no reason to regret it.It was on the rebound from Higginbotham that she took up with the first boy that she came near to liking.
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