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On the Road

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishOn the RoadOn the ˈRoad  a novel by Jack Kerouac about a journey across the US. Many people believe that the novel is autobiographical and that the two main characters are really Kerouac and his friend Neal Cassady. On the Road is considered to be the most important book of the Beat Generation. It is known for its unusual style: sentences are often very long, but are split into regular repeated patterns, using commas, and this makes the language of the novel sound like jazz music.on the roadon the roada) TTCtravelling in a car, especially for long distances I’ve been on the road since 5:00 a.m. this morning. b) APTRAVELif a group of actors or musicians are on the road, they are travelling from place to place giving performances They’re on the road for six months out of every year. c) TTCif your car is on the road, you have paid for the repairs, tax etc necessary for you to drive it legally It would cost too much to put it back on the road. road
Examples from the Corpus
on the roadCopper on the road to recovery in Spring 1990.She jumps out and begins depositing my gear and groceries on the road as I fumble to pay her.Owner Eddie DeBartolo has always insisted they stay in the finest hotels on the road.Dara fled back to Agra and set off on the road to Delhi without daring to face his father.It means getting out on the road with the sales people before they complain about call schedules.The memorial is situated on the road from the village to Wansford. 8.Detroit has never won on the road against Washington, losing in all 19 visits since 1938.
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