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on the same page

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the same pageon the same pageif a group of people are on the same page, they are working well together and have the same aims We need to get environmentalists and businesses on the same page to improve things. page
Examples from the Corpus
on the same pageIn several cases, we marked the same word more than once, even though the referenced are on the same page.Both words are on the same page of the dictionary, but of course you know that.Recognise a large number of different Fonts on the same page.Birmingham and I are more often on the same page in the hymn book on the issues than I and Sen.I feel uncomfortable even writing about them on the same page.Try to place them on the same page so you can see they all work together.WordPerfect will always keep that number of lines together on the same page.
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