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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon-the-spotˈon-the-spot adjective [only before noun]  done immediately while you are at a particular place Doctors can often give on-the-spot treatment. on the spot at spot1(5)
Examples from the Corpus
on-the-spotIt is recommended for on-the-spot checking for animals before they enter the herd and those with repeatedly high cell counts.They declared the video to be obscene, confiscated it and imposed an on-the-spot fine on my friend.Barrier staff from more than 600 Network SouthEast stations are to be retrained as ticket inspectors, to enforce new £10 on-the-spot fines.Seven engine changes and numerous on-the-spot overhauls were accomplished to keep the aircraft airworthy.on-the-spot repairs to the carThere had been no opportunity to get from him an on-the-spot report of what had happened.Kurecolor brush pens were tried out for on-the-spot sketching.
on the spoton the spota) IMMEDIATELYif you do something on the spot, you do it immediately, often without thinking about it very carefullyon-the-spot He had to make a decision on the spot. b) if you are on the spot, you are in the place where something is happening We ought to find out the views of the people on the spot. c) British English if you walk, run, or jump on the spot, you do it staying in the same place, without moving around syn in place American English If running outside doesn’t appeal, try jogging on the spot indoors. spot
Examples from the Corpus
on the spotLook, I can't give you a decision on the spot. I'll have to talk to my boss first.Often, everyone deals directly with the leader, who can make most decisions on the spot.My mom fired him on the spot and called in an orthopedic specialist.One man announced that if Misner reached shore alone he would shoot him on the spot.They offered me a job on the spot.The police can fine motorists on the spot for driving offences.The company agreed, a dozen people were filmed, each was paid on the spot, and all concerned were pleased.Impromptu teams are picked on the spot, with a knowledgeable captain to ensure a balance.All is done to avoid being put on the spot or challenged.I was so angry I almost resigned on the spot.And he did, there and then, on the spot.The Americans did not have troops on the spot and could not control events.I hiked across valleys so flat and wide it sometimes felt that I was walking on the spot.
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