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on the table

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishon the tableon the tablean offer, idea etc that is on the table has been officially suggested and someone is considering it The offer on the table is a 10% wage increase. table
Examples from the Corpus
on the tableBreakfast was already on the table when Stephen went downstairs.Smith is happy just to get his bill on the table.The office fellows on the table behind laughed abruptly and in unison.He straightened in his chair, palms flat on the table, cigarette jutting from his mouth.Kelly hopes to have a proposal on the table within four months.We also came up with a laundry list of key issues that had always been there but never put on the table.She took the two gifts from her handbag and set them on the table.Explanation At the beginning of the demonstration, the stick was on the table.
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